Time Management Tips for Families (Because Kiddos Don’t Rush Well)

Rushing young children to meet our time expectations is as effective as forcing a hippopotamus to enter a relay race. Those large mammals often become ornery when disturbed. In hippo-like fashion, little people may balk, cry, or pitch a temper tantrum when pressed beyond their capacity. They don’t rush well. 

Have you noticed the more you try to hurry them, the more sloth-like they become? It’s as if they choose to idle or move in reverse. And even if they switched into high gear quickly, is “hurry-scurry” the lifestyle we want to model and develop?

To avoid the last-minute-race-against-the-clock scenario (at least sometimes), let’s look at practical ways to help our children succeed. Because kiddos don’t rush well.   Continue reading Time Management Tips for Families (Because Kiddos Don’t Rush Well)

When Your Soul is Downcast: 5 Ways to Restore Joy

In the lovely, upside-down world of motherhood, there are countless moments with our littles (and not-so-littles) that ignite fear or worry. In my own mom-journey, ongoing anxiety has often led to a downcast soul.

As women with endless to-do lists, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, sad, or simply heavy. This melancholy can range in severity—from feeling, “blue,” and being unable to pinpoint the exact cause, to feeling the crushing weight of difficult life events, including sickness, job loss, strained relationships, loss of a loved one, and more.

Thankfully, scripture reminds us that God is aware of our burdens—that He knows, and He cares.  Continue reading When Your Soul is Downcast: 5 Ways to Restore Joy

Handing Over the Keys

There are events in life that parents contemplate as their children grow. Some are anticipated because they are announced before arrival—such as the many attempts by baby to roll over that lead to success, or the cranky baby before the first tooth pops up. Then there are the experiences we think are far into the future and there’s plenty of time to be prepared: Driver’s licenses, high school, college, and marriage. Sons and daughters, ready to take on the world, unaware of exactly what that means.

Blink your eyes and you’ll find your baby boy standing there, uncontrollable grin on his face, holding his brand new license, asking the question we dread. “Can I have the keys?” Continue reading Handing Over the Keys

Be on Your Guard: Parenting in a Changing Culture

We as parents and grandparents see the off-kilter flight of moral stability in our world. Our eyes may have drooped with indifference and weariness. A following generation will pay for those moments of sluggish non-awareness.

We are in a battle against disengagement’s thick wool of sleep. We must remain alert. We cannot underestimate as naïve children, the magnitude of the moment. 

What can we do to stay awake? Continue reading Be on Your Guard: Parenting in a Changing Culture