Handing Over the Keys

There are events in life that parents contemplate as their children grow. Some are anticipated because they are announced before arrival—such as the many attempts by baby to roll over that lead to success, or the cranky baby before the first tooth pops up. Then there are the experiences we think are far into the future and there’s plenty of time to be prepared: Driver’s licenses, high school, college, and marriage. Sons and daughters, ready to take on the world, unaware of exactly what that means.

Blink your eyes and you’ll find your baby boy standing there, uncontrollable grin on his face, holding his brand new license, asking the question we dread. “Can I have the keys?” Continue reading Handing Over the Keys

Be on Your Guard: Parenting in a Changing Culture

We as parents and grandparents see the off-kilter flight of moral stability in our world. Our eyes may have drooped with indifference and weariness. A following generation will pay for those moments of sluggish non-awareness.

We are in a battle against disengagement’s thick wool of sleep. We must remain alert. We cannot underestimate as naïve children, the magnitude of the moment. 

What can we do to stay awake? Continue reading Be on Your Guard: Parenting in a Changing Culture

Reminding Our Children: We Bear the Image

Every man, woman, and child on this earth is somebody with unique potential, simply because they are image-bearers of the Most High God. Everyone is destined for eternity—either in the presence of God or forever cut off from Him.
Why is this important for our children to know? Because it lays a foundation of confidence in who they are—a beloved child of the King of Kings. And it frees them to live with purpose and joy. Continue reading Reminding Our Children: We Bear the Image

Growing in Christ-centered Confidence: 5 Spiritual Checkpoints

We all experience seasons of doubt in our walk of faith. But just as a doctor checks our physical health by monitoring our pulse, taking a quick “spiritual pulse” will do wonders for our confidence in Christ. Here are five spiritual checkpoints to help us grow in Christ-centered confidence. Continue reading Growing in Christ-centered Confidence: 5 Spiritual Checkpoints

The Jordan at Flood Stage

The Jordan at flood stage. For you and me that might be too much month at the end of the money, the call from the doctor that brings you to your knees, or one of your children experiencing desperate hurt and you cannot kiss it and make it all better.
We all experience the Jordan at flood stage. Knowing this, how can we get ready for the unknown and unexpected? How can we prepare for what is around the bend? Continue reading The Jordan at Flood Stage