Handing Over the Keys

There are events in life that parents contemplate as their children grow. Some are anticipated because they are announced before arrival—such as the many attempts by baby to roll over that lead to success, or the cranky baby before the first tooth pops up. Then there are the experiences we think are far into the future and there’s plenty of time to be prepared: Driver’s licenses, high school, college, and marriage. Sons and daughters, ready to take on the world, unaware of exactly what that means.

Blink your eyes and you’ll find your baby boy standing there, uncontrollable grin on his face, holding his brand new license, asking the question we dread. “Can I have the keys?” Continue reading Handing Over the Keys

Getting to Know the Disciples • part 1

I feel like I mostly know the disciples collectively. I’d like to work on that this year. Conveniently, Jesus chose twelve disciples. This year, I plan to pick a disciple each month and dig a little deeper with Scripture and other readings. Want to join me in some fun family ways to learn about God’s chosen circle of disciples?  Continue reading Getting to Know the Disciples • part 1