→ Strengthening the Bow

He trains my hands for battle
so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.
·   2 Samuel 22:35   ·


In · strengthening the bow · our aim is to give spiritual strength and encouragement to women as they serve their Savior, family, church, and community.

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How Not to Pray Like a Spoiled Brat [ by Marcy Martin ] → We think we know what we want, how we want it, and exactly when we want it. Our prayers can begin to resemble the self-absorbed temper tantrum of a toddler.

When You Feel Invisible [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → I’ll never forget the moment I became invisible.

Like a Hurricane [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Getting ready for a hurricane to hit is a lot like preparing to parent your children into adolescence…

Mom, You Are a Hero [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Dear mom of toddlers, preteens, and/or teens: You are in it—the thick of it. And today, we give you a reminder. You are not alone.

Friendship [ by Marcy Martin ] → As I sat through her service, my regret was replaced with gratitude. God showed me how blessed I was to have had Nicole as a friend.

Soaring in the Dry Places [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Haven’t we been in a place our souls feel dry and parched—and we wonder, is there purpose here?

Let’s Talk About It • Cool Dad Moments → Honoring fathers with a few recollections of cool dad moments from our own dads.

Let’s Talk About It • Cool Mom Moments → Mothers do so many things for us, and this month we are each sharing a time when our mothers did something we consider cool.

Preserving Every Moment • Mom Under Pressure: Part 3 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → In spite of our best efforts, real life does not always match up with the ideal scenario we envision.

Perfecting Every Detail • Mom Under Pressure: Part 2 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → When big events happen, we find ourselves reaching for cameras and phones to capture the importance and beauty and emotion of each one.

Pleasing Everybody • Mom Under Pressure: Part 1 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → With so much to do in so little time, it seems inevitable that somebody ain’t gonna be happy. Probably us.

Let’s Talk About It • Blooms → Spring is here, the world’s in bloom, and we each have something to say about our favorite flowers.

It’s Just My Brother: God’s Provision for Siblings of Children with Special Needs [ by Marcy Martin ] → I braced myself, unsure of what my son would say, but mainly for the wave of guilt I expected to feel after his statement.

Christ, Criminals & the Cross [ by Marcy Martin ] → Have you ever considered the observations and responses of the criminals crucified on the crosses to the left and right sides of Jesus?

Just Tell Me When It’s Over [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → When trouble strikes, I tend to head for cover and wait for an all-clear signal. But that response can have its issues…

Good Intentions Gone Bad [ by Marcy Martin ] → My intentions were the best, but they definitely took a turn for the worse as my plans of how to throw the confetti were not the most well-considered. Sometimes our intentions as Christians are like this…

Love is Not a Theme [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → The best way to show love this Valentine’s Day–or any day…

Let’s Talk About It • Love → What we talk about when we talk about love–and we each have something to say about it…

Expectations & Parenting A Special Child [ by Marcy Martin ] → Whether we like to admit it or not, all parents have expectations for their children–and for me nothing brings this issue to mind more than hearing the question: What goals do you have for your child?

Breaking a Sweat [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → in the middle of the gym’s workout room, I stared at the assortment of machines, which looked to me like instruments of medieval torture…

Let’s Talk About It • Decluttering → Out with the old–which means it’s time to declutter! And we each have something to say about it…

All About That ‘Tude [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Recently my husband and I have met people that put our new resolutions into perspective…

Dare to Dream? [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → As we greet the new year, a bit of wit and wisdom from C.S. Lewis and Lamentations.

Let’s Talk About It • March Madness → Brackets are ready and hopes are high. Let’s talk basketball.

God’s Sacrifice, My Gift [ by Marcy Martin ] → Many times as parents we make sacrifices without even giving a second thought.

Joy in the Present [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine a Christmas without my girls under the same roof. But now I’m discovering something profound in this new life season…

Fail-Proof Ways to Enjoy the Holiday of Our Dreams [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → The season of extra is upon us: extra cooking, extra spending, extra planning. Is it possible to not only survive but thrive?

How to Encourage a Mother Raising a Child with Special Needs [ by Marcy Martin ] → Gracious speech can earn the favor of the king, but even more importantly it can be used to encourage and win the favor of the fainthearted.

Unappreciated [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Standing in the kitchen, taking in the chaos before me, I wondered, How can one family create such a mess?

5 Power-Verses to Tuck in Our Hearts [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Life can be, um…busy. And chaotic. And stressful. So it’s easy to run out of fuel. But for long-lasting re-fueling we can check out a few key go-to Scriptures.

Interruptions or Opportunities? [ by Marcy Martin ] →  My jaw dropped a little when I heard my husband’s reply to the man on the phone…

What’s the Big Deal about Being a Teacher? [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → I am a teacher and a mom. And most days that does not seem like a big deal.

Stand Back & Watch! [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → I take the biblical approach to laundry—we have what we need, when we need it.

One Day When: Tackling 3 Obstacles to Living in the Here & Now [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Autumn is a time for getting back into the swing of things–it is also a time for for setting goals and mapping out schedules.

Mission Extraordinaire [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → As a young wife and mother, mired in the day to day, I sometimes wondered if I was doing and being all God wanted or expected…

Just a Mermaid’s Tail [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → The story of one mother’s emotional breakdown at a drive-thru when confronted with the question, “If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?”

A Prayer for Our Beloved Country [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → On this day of remembrance, we lift our hearts to God, asking Him to continue to bring hope from the ashes of pain and devastation.

> Guest posts

4 Things to Stop Apologizing For [ by Mary Holloman · guest post ] → Anyone else a chronic apologizer? If so, here are 4 things for which no apologies are needed.

One Unchanging Thing [ by Landri Stein · guest post ] → A recent high school graduate reflects on the one thing that has remained the same throughout all of the changes in life.

Guarding Our Plans [ by Haley Yow · guest post ] → It is so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of life that I sometimes find myself committed to too many personal obligations.

The Life God Has Given Me [ by Betty Sue McNeill · guest post ] → If you have ever asked yourself, “What am I to do with my life?” then you are not alone.

Decisions, Decisions [ by Megan Hogg · guest post ] → Sometimes we have to wade into the thick of it with God—that area where we are clueless on our own and desperate for His wisdom and guidance.

Will We Say Yes? { by Melissa Sauls • guest post } → Just as God used Esther, He still uses us to carry out His plans. But sometimes I think back on my life and wonder…

Putting on the Happy Face { by Shelley Pierce • guest post } → It was one of those mornings, and I was near tears by the time I pulled into the church parking lot when a wee voice piped up from the backseat…

Enough [ by Megan Hogg · guest post ] → Sometimes I wonder if I will ever feel like I am finally enough…

Dressed for Success [ by Helen Lynn · guest post ] → Do you ever search for just the right thing to put on? Or maybe, like Gideon, clothes are the last thing on your mind.


> Graphics

graphic • good harvest • Galatians 6:9 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] →  An encouragement to keep on keeping on. Who knows? A harvest may just be on the harvest.

graphic • shelter & shade • Isaiah 4:5-6 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → In the dog days of summer, this Scripture reminds us where we can find our true comfort.

graphic • 2 Corinthians 5:17 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Print or share this good-news graphic!

graphic • Psalm 12:6 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Print or share this typographic illustration!

graphic • Merry Christmas [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Print or share this holiday graphic!

graphic • it is for freedom • Galatians 5:1 [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Print or share this typographic illustration of Galatians 5:1 in honor of the Fourth of July!