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A Better Covenant → When we study Scripture, we see that all of it was always pointing to Jesus.

Good Gifts → When we think of gifts, especially this time of year, we instantly think of packages under the tree, but the good gifts God gives to us are much more than material possessions.

Christmas, Purpose & Love  → Did you ever long to be loved? Not just the giddy, silly kind of love—but a love born of knowing and being known.

God’s Sacrifice, My Gift  → Many times as parents we make sacrifices without even giving a second thought.

Joy in the Present  → Ten years ago, I couldn’t imagine a Christmas without my girls under the same roof. But now I’m discovering something profound in this new life season…

Six Scriptural Reminders as We Celebrate Christmas [ by Haley Yow · guest post ] → Six ways we can focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

Advent Calendar Ideas  → Use these ideas to help you count down the 12 (or more) days of Christmas.

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Indebted Thanksgiving →  When we still our busy minds and think about what He has done on our behalf, it should drive us to a feeling of indebted thanksgiving.

Fail-Proof Ways to Enjoy the Holiday of Our Dreams  → The season of extra is upon us: extra cooking, extra spending, extra planning. Is it possible to not only survive but thrive?

Thanksgiving Tree { Free Printable » Blank Leaf Template & Scripture Leaves }  → Make your own Thanksgiving tree! Choose from a variety of ideas–and use our free printable for the leaves!

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Christ, Criminals & the Cross → Have you ever considered the observations and responses of the criminals crucified on the crosses to the left and right sides of Jesus?

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A Prayer for Our Beloved Country  → On this day of remembrance, we lift our hearts to God, asking Him to continue to bring hope from the ashes of pain and devastation.

Unplug this Fall and Get Creative! [ by Cathy Baker · guest post ] → Who needs television, telephones, and other devices to get the family together to serve, play and pray?