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Vegetable Chicken Noodle Soup [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A soup for all seasons.

Pineapple-Tarragon Chicken Salad [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Chicken salad with a hint of tropical flavor.

Roasted Chicken & Veggies with Bacon [ by Marcy Martin ] → This healthy, one-pan dish has become a go-to for my family. With easy clean-up and vegetables that are flavored with bacon, it has become a favorite!

Old-Fashioned Mac-&-Cheese [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Oven-baked macaroni-&-cheese delivers homemade comfort.

Grandma Watson’s Pound Cake [ by Marcy Martin ] → Her pound cake was famous in our family, and it turns out yummy every time I have made it.

Pan-Seared Lemon & Rosemary Salmon [ by Marcy Martin ] → I love salmon, and this particular seasoning combination happens to be my favorite!

Balsamic Chicken with Vegetables [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A meal that is quick enough to prepare at the last minute but good enough to serve when company’s coming.

Infused Water [ by Marcy Martin ] → Go-to tips for making your own infused water, a refreshing and healthy way to hydrate.

Mustard & Vinegar Grilled Chicken [ by Marcy Martin ] → This mustard-based BBQ sauce recipe is one of my husband’s grilling favorites. .

Americana Meatloaf [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → At at time when our kitchen motto is “Eh, I can eat it,” this recipe garnered a “Hey! I like this! It’s actually good!”

Sugar & Spice Drumsticks [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A simple, quick recipe that proves that a sugar and spice really can make everything nice!

Hashbrown Potato Casserole [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → As a hearty side dish or main breakfast attraction, this casserole is a real crowd-pleaser.

Soho Cup Snow Cream [ by Marcy Martin ] → Take a break from sledding or snowball fighting to enjoy this simple snow cream recipe.

Easier-Than-Pie Apple Cobbler [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Easy to whip up on a moment’s notice yet hearty enough for the holiday sideboard, this recipe may just make you the hostess with the mostest.

Cranberry Punch & Citrus-Peppermint Tea [ by Marcy Martin ] → Try these 2 simple yet festive cold drink options at your next gathering.

Two Generations of Festive Cranberry Recipes [ by Page Mathias · guest post ] → Holding my grandmothers’ recipes in my hands, I can remember happy times spent at their houses during the holidays.

Homemade Banana Bread [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A tried-and-true recipe makes a tasty treat for morning, noon or night–and has a gluten-free option.

Honey-Glazed Carrots [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → Eating your vegetables is less of a chore and more a treat with this stove-top recipe.

Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork [ by Marcy Martin ] → This recipe replaces a smoker with a slow-cooker, making pulled pork (something my family loves) something I can actually cook.

Lemon-Basil Chicken [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A simple and savory dish that is heavy on basil but light on preparation.

Go-To Spaghetti Sauce [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → This spaghetti is a go-to family favorite that can go from the pantry to the table within half an hour and without half a day’s planning!

Honey-Cider Baked Chicken [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A little sugar and spice make for a tasty (& allergy-friendly) meal that even my children like.

Smokey Guacamole [ by Hilary Brooke Hall ] → A splash of balsamic vinegar and a dash of chipotle chile pepper give this guacamole a little something extra.