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> Marcy Martin

Battle Against Worry →  Many verses in the Bible that instruct us not to worry, but how do we stop when the things-to-worry-over list seems to be never-ending?

Meltdowns • Prevention & Helps →  This post explains what a meltdown is, identifies a few common triggers and lists some do’s and don’ts for helping a child through the meltdown itself.

Finding Contentment through Unexpected Blessings → As a parent of a child with special needs there are periods of time when I have to fight for contentment.

It’s Just My Brother: God’s Provision for Siblings of Children with Special Needs → I braced myself, unsure of what my son would say, but mainly for the wave of guilt I expected to feel after his statement.

Expectations & Parenting A Special Child → Whether we like to admit it or not, all parents have expectations for their children–and for me nothing brings this issue to mind more than hearing the question: What goals do you have for your child?

How to Encourage a Mother Raising a Child with Special Needs → Gracious speech can earn the favor of the king, but even more importantly it can be used to encourage and win the favor of the fainthearted.

My Awareness of Microcephaly → Even with all the support and knowledge to be gained from the world, my own strength was not enough to fulfill the calling on my life to parent Silas and reminded myself that I needed to rely on God’s strength.