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Meltdowns • Prevention & Helps [ by Marcy Martin ] →  This post explains what a meltdown is, identifies a few common triggers and lists some do’s and don’ts for helping a child through the meltdown itself.

Finding Contentment through Unexpected Blessings [ by Marcy Martin ] → As a parent of a child with special needs there are periods of time when I have to fight for contentment.

It’s Just My Brother: God’s Provision for Siblings of Children with Special Needs [ by Marcy Martin ] → I braced myself, unsure of what my son would say, but mainly for the wave of guilt I expected to feel after his statement.

Expectations & Parenting A Special Child [ by Marcy Martin ] → Whether we like to admit it or not, all parents have expectations for their children–and for me nothing brings this issue to mind more than hearing the question: What goals do you have for your child?

How to Encourage a Mother Raising a Child with Special Needs [ by Marcy Martin ] → Gracious speech can earn the favor of the king, but even more importantly it can be used to encourage and win the favor of the fainthearted.