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Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of ones youth.
·   Psalm 127:4   ·


In · forging arrows · our aim is to offer practical ways to equip our children to serve God and others.

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Encouraging Gratitude [ by Marcy Martin ] → Teaching our children to say thank you is easy. The hard part is instilling a heart of gratitude…

Teaching Your Child to Respond Respectfully {Free Printable Resource} [ by Marcy Martin ] → If your child answers your every request with respect and kindness, this post is not for you. For the rest of us, a free printable outlines a plan for teaching respectful speech.

Pencils: Help Your Child Get a Grip! {part 1} [ by Marcy Martin ] → Simple modifications to help your child develop a functional grasp for pencils and utensils.

Pencils: Help Your Child Get a Grip! {part 2} [ by Marcy Martin ] → Games to improve a child’s grasping skills for using pencils and utensils.

Igniting Joy and Passion in Serving [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → Ministry comes alive for one mom and three little girls who learn the value of using their God-given passions in service to the Lord.

Lessons on Courage from David, Dylan, a Bear & a Giant [ by Marcy Martin ] → Tips for teaching children to live courageously with confidence in God and His power.

My Child Won’t Chew–What to Do? [ by Marcy Martin ] → Four recommendations to encourage a child to develop the ability to chew.

3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Ability to Attend While Playing at the Park [ by Marcy Martin ] → The beauty of attention skill acquisition during play is that it encourages your child to learn how to attend, without other cognitive demands.

The Lesson of the Mop [ by Leigh Ann Thomas ] → In a toddler’s simple question, the reminder that having a genuine Christ-centered home involves not just telling our children the right way to live but modeling it every day.

> Guest posts

The Trouble with Superheroes [ by Shelley Pierce · guest post ] → Everybody loves a good superhero story. But many parents also play the part of a super-hero–whether they know it or not…

A Call to Pray for the College Student in Your Life [ by Haley Yow · guest post ] → A college student urges believers to pray for college students, who find this unique season to be filled with an overwhelming pressure to conform to the norm.

The Day I Told My Kids No More TV [ by Sarah Peirce · guest post ] → It all started pretty innocently…but then something in me snapped, and I impulsively proclaimed, “It’s going to be a no-TV summer!”

The Journal [ by Meredith Mills · guest post ] → Something shimmery caught my eye as I entered the room. An iridescent journal lay on my bed. I smiled. This is no ordinary journal…

Unplug this Fall and Get Creative! [ by Cathy Baker · guest post ] → Who needs television, telephones, and other devices to get the family together to serve, play and pray?