→ Forging Arrows

Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.
·   Psalm 127:4   ·


In · forging arrows · our aim is to offer practical ways to equip our children to serve God and others.

> Marcy Martin

Virtual Learning Tips  → Here are some practical tips that can help students with positioning and attending for online learning.

Praying for Our Children in a Pandemic  → Scripture prompts for different ages and stages.

Encouraging Gratitude  → Teaching our children to say thank you is easy. The hard part is instilling a heart of gratitude…

Lessons on Courage from David, Dylan, a Bear & a Giant → Tips for teaching children to live courageously with confidence in God and His power.

7 Ways to Help a Teen Cope with the Death of a Loved One  →  Parenting teens during difficult times is a balancing act of providing godly guidance and support while at the same time giving them time and space to sort through emotions independently–and nowhere is this balancing act more apparent than when dealing with the death of a loved one.

My Child Won’t Chew–What to Do? → Four recommendations to encourage a child to develop the ability to chew.

Play Power • 7 Ways to Play with Matchbox Cars →  These 7 matchbox car play ideas are simple, and more than likely you already have all the needed materials on hand.

3 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Ability to Attend While Playing at the Park  → The beauty of attention skill acquisition during play is that it encourages your child to learn how to attend, without other cognitive demands.

Pencils: Help Your Child Get a Grip! {part 1} → Simple modifications to help your child develop a functional grasp for pencils and utensils.

Pencils: Help Your Child Get a Grip! {part 2} → Games to improve a child’s grasping skills for using pencils and utensils.

Pick a Hand • Tips to Help Your Child Establish Hand Dominance → If a child is switching hands frequently during a writing task, check out these play-based tips to help in establishing hand dominance.

Teaching Your Child to Respond Respectfully {Free Printable Resource}  → If your child answers your every request with respect and kindness, this post is not for you. For the rest of us, a free printable outlines a plan for teaching respectful speech.

> Leigh Ann Thomas

Nurturing A Hunger for More → Our Creator provides endless opportunities to stretch inquisitive and imaginative minds of all ages.

Five Scriptures to Pray Over Our Children Today → What beautiful hope to have our Creator God willing to hear our trembling petitions on behalf of our families.

Guiding Our Children Through Difficult Times → If we feel off-balance at the tsunami of change in our lives, how do our children process their “ordinary” being upended?

Reminding Our Children: We Bear the Image  → When our children face the inevitable doubts, it’s time to share a reminder.

All the Things  → At the end of my mom-rope, God taught me that if I didn’t slow down, I would miss treasured moments with my children.

A Fearless Reliance  → A recent trip to the Grand Canyon made my heart trip in awe of our Creator God.

The Lesson of the Mop → In a toddler’s simple question, the reminder that having a genuine Christ-centered home involves not just telling our children the right way to live but modeling it every day.

Little Bitty Sins → In minutes, my daughter spilled her heart and confessed something…and that’s when mama came under conviction.

Raising Children Who Care  → How do you encourage compassion in your children?

Igniting Joy and Passion in Serving  → Ministry comes alive for one mom and three little girls who learn the value of using their God-given passions in service to the Lord.

Tiny Dreams & Giant Steps of Faith → What if God doesn’t want what I want?

Ribbons, Lace & Moments of Grace → It all matters. Every joy-filled, heart-breaking, storming-the-gates-of-heaven moment.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T  → As our children grow and experience negative influences away home, how do we teach them to model kindness?

A Steadfast Integrity → As my husband and I quietly stood and gazed over the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, our souls were drawn to worship.

> Hilary Brooke Hall

What I Learned as Rookie Baseball Mom → Life lessons from America’s favorite pastime.

Like a Hurricane → Getting ready for a hurricane to hit is a lot like preparing to parent your children into adolescence…

> Megan Hogg

Why Foster Care?  → If we can provide a safe and loving home for children in need, with the ideal goal of partnering with their parents for ultimate reunification, then why wouldn’t we?

> Mary Holloman

5 Questions to Ask Before Posting Your Child’s Picture Online → If you’re on the fence about sharing pictures on social media, take a look at these questions and make a decision that works best for your family.

3 Surefire Ways to Suck the Fun from Time with Your Kids → There are necessary times for me, as a parent, to be a fun-sucker, but I’m guilty of making things way more complicated than they need to be…

> Charla Matthews

A Big Lesson from My Little One  → When she was about four years old and three feet tall, my granddaughter taught me a valuable lesson.

> Shelley Pierce

The Gift of Tears → Tears are an opportunity to teach our children about God’s gift of emotions.

The Fiercest Kind of Love → Isn’t it great to know that God’s love doesn’t change according to how we feel?

When Your Children Ask → Before we say good-bye to the first month of the new year—what can we place in the lives of our children and grandchildren that serves as an opportunity to tell of God’s faithfulness in our lives?

Take Heart, Sweet Mama: Caring for a Child with Chronic Illness  → So many thoughts crowd the heart in the uncertainty of a hospital room. Here are some words of encouragement from one who has been there.

The Trouble with Superheroes → Everybody loves a good superhero story. But many parents also play the part of a super-hero–whether they know it or not…

> Sylvia Schroeder

If Jesus Wanted To → As I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered childish questions are adult-ish realities.

Whatever Makes Them Happy Isn’t the Answer → As parents, our mission is not to make our children happy.

Hidden Things → Discipline is a difficult balance. How can we nurture forthright behavior?

Delight & Desire → Sometimes we wonder, Where is joy in following God?

> Jeannie Waters

Time Management Tips for Families (Because Kiddos Don’t Rush Well) → Practical ways to avoid last-minute-race-against-the-clock scenarios with our children.

Pandemic Family Gathering Fun → How can we engage children in wholesome activity and enjoy fellowship with other families during the time of the coronavirus?

Mud Pies and Mimosa Pods: Outdoor Springtime Fun → Let’s take advantage of our children’s natural curiosity and the need for fresh air by engaging in outdoor springtime fun.

Family Fun for Cabin Fever → Creating substitutions for outdoor play keeps children occupied in constructive ways on cold, wet winter days.

Are You Listening?  → How can we offer rapt attention when the floor is sticky and the laundry pile topples into the hallway? What’s the best way to find wisdom for setting priorities and managing time so that we can listen well to our children?

> Guest posts

5 Springtime Ways to Show Love to Your Child [ by Julie Lavendar ] → Be intentional this month to spend time with your kids, sharing little activities, big events, or anything in-between.

Bringing School Home—Tips for Parents [ by Katherine Whiteman ] → A veteran homeschool mom offers a few tips for the transition from traditional school to homeschool.

What’s with Pre-teens, Anyway? [ by Charlene Vermeulen ] → If you’re the parent of a middle schooler, you may feel a little—no, a lot—crazy. You’re not alone.

3 Things Your Middle-Schooler Wants You to Know [ by Charlene Vermeulen ] → How do we best support our preadolescents in the awkward, undulating preteen stage?

A Call to Pray for the College Student in Your Life [ by Haley Yow ] → A college student urges believers to pray for college students, who find this unique season to be filled with an overwhelming pressure to conform to the norm.

Eternity in the Moments [ by Meredith Mills ] → Sometimes God offers the beautiful gift of togetherness when our little ones join us in our quiet time.

Parenting at the Movies [ by Carole Sparks ] → We love to go to the movies as a family, but I don’t always love what we see on the screen.

Friendship Across Difference: 3 Tips for Befriending an Individual with Special Needs [ by Brilyn Roberts ] → An 11-year-old shares her experience on making friends with those who are different, on learning to see people first and not their challenges.

A Father’s Need for a Teachable Heart [ by Matt Martin ] → Is your heart teachable as you come before God as a father, helpless and lacking?

The Blessing of Fatherhood [ by Robert Watson ] → For a man, one of the dearest of blessings to be received is that of fatherhood.

Family Worship: A Beginner’s Guide [ by Brian Roberts ] → A DIY guide for fathers to create a recipe for family worship in the home.

Love & Kisses [ by Jo Childress ] → Have you ever blown kisses to God?

The Day I Told My Kids No More TV [ by Sarah Peirce ] → It all started pretty innocently…but then something in me snapped, and I impulsively proclaimed, “It’s going to be a no-TV summer!”

The Journal [ by Meredith Mills ] → Something shimmery caught my eye as I entered the room. An iridescent journal lay on my bed. I smiled. This is no ordinary journal…