Words From the Heart

On two different media forms this week, I’ve heard almost the exact question asked. On an interactive Facebook group that I’m part of, the administrator asked, “What topic could you speak about for thirty minutes without prep?” And just a couple of days later, the deejay on a Christian radio station I listen to asked, “What could you talk about for thirty minutes without notes?” 

Well, that got me thinking. What could I, a stay-at-home mom for many years and now the still-at-home mom of adult children, speak on with some semblance of authority for one thousand, eight hundred seconds?

As a former elementary school teacher and longtime homeschooling mommy, I could definitely talk about mastering the alphabet, phonics, and long division, although I would struggle a bit more with chemistry and algebra and economics. (I’m thankful for homeschooling video packets and great teacher guides that refreshed my memory!)

As a former military wife of a Navy guy, I could talk for half an hour, and more, on single parenting during a deployment, moving every two to three years, searching for new churches in six states, and the need for an interpreter when this south-Georgia girl moved to California

As a writer, I could discuss the blessings of sharing God-stories in my local newspaper as a freelance stringer of faith-based stories, the joy of blogging for sites that hold the same convictions and beliefs as I do, and the delight in publishing a book that shares suggestions for making family memories one little moment at a time – one of my greatest passions. 

I realized fairly quickly, however, that I could probably talk for thirty HOURS on the joy of mothering. Oh, sure – my discussion would contain many challenges, trials, failures, and doubts during the mothering journey. But the memories and the milestones and the moments of mothering over the past thirty-plus years have given me enough fodder that no amount of prep work nor notecards would be necessary. 

My words and thoughts on these topics would flow like a river: endless and beautiful, smooth and rippled, slow and methodic at times, fast and furious at others. Refreshing and mesmerizing. Soothing and contemplative. Challenging and thrilling. 

The Bible says in Matthew 6:21,

For where you treasure is, there your heart will be also.

The items we treasure, what we value most, what means the most to us, the issues we are most knowledgeable of, those things we hold dear, we can passionately talk about without references and with very little prior planning.  

Do I treasure God like that? I feel certain I could talk for half an hour and more about God’s faithfulness to me and about promises fulfilled without even a hint of preparation. But … do I? I know that I’d have endless examples of God’s constant presence, of tangible moments where I felt God right by my side, whispering in my heart, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” But do I share that with others? 

I could talk much more than thirty minutes on my favorite Bible characters (even if I couldn’t remember the exact reference without Google or my Bible app) and the lessons I’ve learned through those stories from my childhood and beyond. But, do I remember to apply those lessons on a daily basis? 

I could expound greater than thirty minutes on the value of prayer in my life, with specific examples of answered prayers from a faithful God. But, do I encourage my kids and others to pray fervently? Do I boast about God’s goodness and those answers frequently? 

God truly is my greatest treasure. Do my actions and my “thirty minute” talks and discussions reflect my passion for Him? Do my conversations reflect a life with Christ as the center? 

The question posed on Facebook and my radio station gave me much to ponder. I’m pleased that God gave me four precious children to raise with such passion and love that I could easily chatter with ease and no notes for hours on the joy of mothering. 

But the question inspired me to use my words and seconds to share my most valued treasure – God – with others.

Prayer: Five minutes, thirty minutes or hours at a time … whenever the opportunity arises, God please let me speak boldly about you – no notes or prep work necessary! Let the words flow from my heart.    

What topic could you speak about for 30 minutes without prep? #Faith #Parenthood @julielavenderwrites

11 thoughts on “Words From the Heart

  1. Julie, your post made me more eager to share God’s blessings. Your memories of raising children reminded me how the life stories of other moms blessed me when we were raising children. At all stages of life, we need biblical and current stories of God’s faithfulness. We all need encouragement, and when we hear the ways His presence or His peace in a storm helps someone else, we rejoice and long to seek Him more. Thank you for a message I needed.

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    1. Jeannie, I had so many experienced moms who were my inspiration and encouragers!! I just loved chatting with them and hearing their success (and failure) stories that always inspired me to keep following God and taking it one day at a time! They were treasures to me!!! And even with all the peace they offered me, I always knew He was my true peace in the midst of storms!!! Thank you for your comment!

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  2. I think I would learn from all of them, but I think that last topic would be the most impactful. Loved the post Ms. Julie. Thank you ma’am. You get a BZ for this one. (Ask “Bug-Man”) 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and replying, J.D.! And you’re so right – that last topic is the most important one of all! And one I hope to work on more and more ….!! (I’ll be sure to ask David about BZ … you have me curious!!!1)

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    1. Nancy, that is indeed my prayer!!!! Most mornings, when I’m putting in my contacts that I used to struggle with when I first got them and this prayer came about, I say, “God, let everything I see and say and do today, glorify and honor you!!!” Thanks for reading and commenting!!! Blessings!

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    1. Sylvia, I’m right there with ya, and I hope it helps me to think more about the things I say and do, especially in front of my very impressionable grandson!! Thanks for reading and commenting! Blessings!

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  3. Julie, I sensed an ebb and flow in your piece, which drew my attention.

    “I could…. But, do I…?”

    Thank you for encouraging God’s people to ask that question, and for encouraging us to move forward no matter the answer. You issued a needful challenge couched in encouragement to follow through.


  4. Your words certainly inspired me to think about how I need to be ready to reflect God to others when put on the spot. Could I and do I spontaneously without hesitation know what the Bible says and can tell others? Thank you, Julie, for inspiring us to “not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” No matter when and where!


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