Tired Mom, You’re Not Enough {An Open Letter}

Dear Tired, Exhausted, Hard-Working and Perhaps Burned-Out Mom, 

You’re not enough. 

Like, not even close. 

You make the meal plans. You organize the activities. You run the kids from place to place. You answer questions, referee fights, and wipe noses. 

You hide in the bathroom to eat a snack so it won’t get mooched by tiny hands. You convince yourself that if a giant meteor fell from the sky and obliterated you, your family would not be able to carry on, to function. 

You sometimes play the victim, the martyr. You believe you’re the glue that holds the family together. You fail every day, but you cling to the hope that even your feeble attempts at being a “cool, has it all together” mom are enough. 

You want to be enough. You hope you’re enough. 

You’re not enough. 

The world will tell you that you are. They’ll tell you you’re doing the best you can, you’re amazing, now go grab a glass of wine because, darn it, “mommy deserves this.” 

Every time you lose your temper, snap at the kids, are short with your husband, or silently stew over everything you do for your family—every time you think to yourself, what would they do without me?—you’re not enough. 

I’m not either. 

And the sooner we accept this reality, the better. 

Every time we preach to ourselves that “we’re enough” for our husbands, children, and families, we inadvertently teach the very ones we love so dearly the subtle art of idolatry. 

Trust me, we say, for your happiness, your security, your significance. I’ve got every detail covered and an answer to every question. I’m everything you need. 

I am enough.  

What an empty, disappointing promise to make.

Tired, exhausted, hard-working and perhaps burned-out mom—

You are not enough. 

You’ll never love your family perfectly. You’ll never meet every need joyfully. You’ll never answer every question correctly, react to every tantrum gracefully, or discipline every disobedience calmly. 

And this—this awkward, imperfect, stumbling, searching, and pride-killing thing we call motherhood—this is enough. 

It’s your humble imperfection that is exactly what your family needs. It’s your whispering, “I’m sorry” when you react harshly. It’s your embracing rest and saying no to that extra activity or event. It’s your asking for help, admitting you don’t know the answer, and telling your children that you need God’s grace too. 

Our children don’t need idols in the shape of a superhero mom. They need the cross of Jesus Christ, a Savior who can truly satisfy every need. 

The only One who is truly enough.

Tired Mom, you’re not enough. And that’s okay. 

Because Christ is. And this truth is the best gift you can give your family in the everyday mundane. This is the truth that will outlive you and your imperfect motherhood. This is the truth your children will carry with them long after you’re gone. 

And that’s more than enough.

cover photo courtesy of Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “Tired Mom, You’re Not Enough {An Open Letter}

  1. Mary, freedom is the result of admitting that this post is true. It applies to young and middle-aged moms, church workers, grandparents, all of us. Thank you for reminding us Jesus is sufficient, and we need Him.

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