3 Ways Prayer Rocks a Friendship (in the Best Way)

Girlfriends are rather, you know, awesome. We can talk about most anything—from being a mom, to who’s having a sale on ground beef, to the pros and cons of the latest weight-loss trick.

Women seem to have a unique way of connecting with each other—even as strangers. I’ve had in-depth conversations in medical waiting rooms about mammograms, the cost of insurance, and “where in the world did you get that cute outfit?”

We are wired to share. We long for community.

God has given us an amazing gift to grow and nurture these longings.  And it strengthens our friendships by strengthening our relationship with Him.

Have you experienced the joy and intimacy of praying with a sister in Christ? There’s nothing quite like it.

Here are 3 ways that prayer deepens our friendships:

1 • As we pray together, the Holy Spirit moves to give understanding. 

We are fellow warriors as we strive to be Christ-centered wives, mothers, and friends. We hold each other accountable in each relationship, urging one another toward vibrant, purposeful living.

2 • As we pray together, we stand in the gap for our sisters. 

There are times our hearts are breaking over circumstances, and we simply don’t have the strength or the words to pray. Or maybe we’re struggling with issues of submission or self-discipline. Our prayer-sister reaches out with the love of Christ and gives words to our hurting hearts—laying our worries and concerns before the Throne of Grace.

3 •  As we pray together, we grow in our personal walk with Christ by witnessing His power at work in the lives of our friends. 

As God moves and draws our sisters into deeper waters, we are blessed and encouraged with fresh perspective for our unique journeys.

The first time we pray with a friend may feel awkward. But when we focus on the One Who created us and simply open our hearts before Him, our self-consciousness melts away and we are drawn into a sweet circle of communion.

What an adventure to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of our friends! And what a special privilege to share this journey with those we love.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing

• 1 Thessalonians 5:11 •




11 thoughts on “3 Ways Prayer Rocks a Friendship (in the Best Way)

  1. And you are a superb builder-upper, Leigh Ann! Prayer between friends is one of the most intimate and encouraging bonds I know.


  2. I love when my friends are praying for me and when the Holy Spirit brings my friends to mind while praying.


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