Breakfast Club { by Helen Lynn • guest post }

A hummingbird whirs in perpetual motion, dipping its beak in the feeder, joining me as I sip my coffee early this fog-shrouded morning when I am finding it hard to settle into my rocking chair.

Hey, that hummingbird is just like me,” I think, reflecting on the fact that a full cup of ministry with numerous interruptions had left me exhausted but still unable to relax on the first day of vacation.

Why is it easier to flit around than to sit and feed on God’s Word, I wonder. I look at the hummingbird again and am reminded of Martha, friend of Jesus and sister to Lazarus and Mary, to whom Jesus said, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things” (Luke 10:41).

I watch as a competing hummingbird dives to the feeder, pushing the early bird from the red nectar. The first bird prevail, and a Carolina wren joins the breakfast club, nibbling on seed remains and then flying away. All three birds are oblivious to my presence only three feet away on the screened porch.

Am I as unaware of my Savior’s presence as I flit about fussing over His provision and settling for scraps on the ground when abundance surrounds me?

This humble homily of hummingbirds alerts me to my Heavenly Father’s plentiful provision. He feeds the birds of the air and tends the lilies of the field (Luke 12). So in the quietness of this moment, I choose not to flitter but to let down my wings and rest in Jesus.

Oh Abba, Father,
I want to drink deeply of your nectar this morning,
feeding freely on the manna prepared for me.
Help me to be still and know,
to not dart around, never landing.


Helen Lynn is a ministry wife, mother, grandmother, and dog lover. Read more of her devotions on her personal blog, Heart Thoughts from Helen @
Helen has been published in Evangel MagazineFamily Life Today Magazine, and her local newspaper. She wrote a monthly column in her church newsletter from 1985 to 1999.






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