DIY • Wrapped Cinnamon-Stick Candle

Add a rustic touch and savory scent to your home this season with this quick and easy craft.


• Candle of your choice, wick-burning or battery-operated.

• Cinnamon sticks (enough to surround the outside of the selected candle).

• Hot glue gun with glue sticks.

• Twine or ribbon.



1   •   Heat up the glue gun.

Let it get good and hot before beginning craft.

2  •   Prepare work area for craft.

Use newspaper, wax paper, or an old towel or plate, etc., on which to construct the craft to protect work surface.

3  •   Squeeze a thin line of hot glue on cinnamon stick.

Before applying glue, you may want to measure the length of the candle and then mark the approximate length on the cinnamon stick so that a line of dried glue will not appear on the interior of the finished craft.

It is recommended to apply the glue to the cinnamon stick and not directly to the candle as the exterior of the candle may melt a little due to the heat of the glue gun. Even the surface of battery-operated candles may be affected by the direct application of hot glue.

4  •   Affix cinnamon stick to candle.

Before gluing the stick to the candle, you may want to use a pen to lightly draw a straight lines on the candle, bottom to top, on the four sides of the candle (as in the places where the points on a compass would be).

This process would help to ensure that the cinnamon sticks would be perfectly straight when glued onto the candle and would prevent having to slide the stick into a more upright position after touching the candle, which could cause some melting on the exterior of the candle, which could then lead to problems with the cinnamon sticks laying flat against the side of the candle.

5  •   Repeat steps 3 & 4 until candle is surrounded with cinnamon sticks.

6  •   Let candle set for 5-10 minutes with rubber band around it.

This step may not be necessary, depending on how quickly the hot glue dries. However, if the hot glue used does not instantly set, it would be a good idea to let the craft remain stationery for a few minutes so that the sticks will not shift during the next steps.

7  •   Tie a piece of twine or ribbon tightly around the cinnamon sticks.

8  •   Repeat as desired for other candles.



› Set finished candles on small round mirrors to add sparkle, depth, and light.

Arrange a group of wrapped candles on a dining room table or mantle for a lovely, understated rustic display.

› Cut cinnamon sticks to various lengths to create a collection of candles in assorted sizes and heights.

Change out ribbon/twine for different holidays and seasons.




cover photo/post photo courtesy of Google images.

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