DIY • 12 {Easy} Decor Ideas for Fall

Fall is in full swing. Outside the leaves are changing color and the air is getting crisper. Inside the stores and restaurants are peddling pumpkin spice and everything nice.

If you’re like me, you might love fall…but not be inspired enough to re-decorate the whole house to celebrate the season—though you could be open to a little festive decor.

Well then you’re in luck because here’s a list of a 12 simple ways to add a little fall flavor to your own home.

primitive pumpkin1 • Primitive produce   •   Most commonly found in the shape of pumpkin but sometimes apples, this rustic decor is made of wood, is more representative than realistic (sometimes just a painted wood block with a stick for a stem), and is cute just about anywhere in the house.

2 • Jars of candy corn   •   Pour some candy corn into jelly jars, glass vases, or even candle bases that allow for changeable filler. Display together as a grouping or set out in various rooms. Festive, colorful, and tasty too!

3 • Small gourds   •  This time of year, small pumpkins and gourds of various shapes and hues can be found at most grocery stores and markets. Buy an assortment in several colors, shapes, and sizes. Display indoors in a bowl or a narrow tray or outdoors in planter or window box.


4 • Wreath   •   A wreath is always a good idea—and one of my favorites. Autumn provides such an abundance of wreath ideas. This list is just a sampling of the possibilities, faux and natural, for interior or exterior:

forsythia wreath

  • Grapevine.
  • Forsythia.
  • Magnolia leaves.
  • Pumpkins/gourds/acorns.
  • Colored autumn leaves.
  • Succulents.
  • Pinecones.
  • Dried herbs/wheat/hops.
  • Gathered burlap.

Tip: Spray paint entire wreath, especially grapevine or pinecone, in a metallic silver or gold for extra sheen and shine.

5 • Vase filler   •   Potpourri or botanicals in fall colors provide a dash of color to any room when arranged to fill up the vertical space of a tall glass vase. You may even be lucky enough to find filler in the shape of pumpkins (pictured here), apples, sunflowers, or other autumn harvest objects.


6 • Garland   •   These seasonal strands can feature many different themes and can be found in many different forms, including paper, fabric, metal, and wood. Here are several options for displaying a garland:

Hung vertically. Rather than stretch a garland right to left, try hanging it top to bottom, as in a door way or from the ceiling in a corner of a room.

Draped over a doorway or window. This way is the most traditional, using the whole garland spread horizontally across an opening in a room. Other handy places to string a garland include…

» A mantel. Not just for Christmastime—although I do use the same stocking holders I use for, well, holding stockings at Christmas. That said, these stocking holders are not big holiday-themed items that take up a lot of space on the mantel; they are simple metal hooks made especially for the purpose of being a low-profile way to bear light weight for a hanging display.

» A bookcase. One advantage here is that the ends of the garland could possibly be tucked between books, no nails required.

» The back of a couch. This option could work well for couches whose back faces a walkway within the house.

» Wall-hung art or photos. As shown below, this outside-the-box idea creates a festive surprise for any room.


Added to a wreath. An entire garland can be arranged into an already existing wreath. Or, if the elements in a garland can be removed, then individual elements can be added to an already existing wreath as desired.


I prefer this option because the elements of the garland can stretch a little further by being used in multiple places, not just on one wreath. And since each garland element usually comes on its own little hanging loop, they are easy to use elsewhere, such as…

» Pinned to a bulletin board. A seasonal addition to the to-dos and reminders.

» Hung in front of a mirror. A suction cup or small over-the-door hanger can work for this ornament.

» Slipped over a candlestick or drawer pull, etc. A cheeky way to work in a seasonal element, especially if you don’t want to go big with autumn decorations.

7 • Pinecones   •  From cute miniatures to prickly giants, pinecones are plentiful this time of year. Here are two ways to make them work for you:

Bucket planter. When it’s time to say good-bye to the blooms I keep on the front porch from spring through summer, I simply ditch what remains of the plants and fill the bucket planters with pinecones. I don’t have to store the planters, and the front porch looks instantly ready for the new season. Bonus: The yard looks pretty cleaned-up too!

Lighted lantern. Fill a lantern with pinecones (that were, say, gathered by your children in your own yard). Work a string of battery-operated lights into the pinecone cluster, minding the best placement of the battery pack for switching lights on and off. When lit, this lantern is a surprising striking display that can work for various sizes of lanterns, both inside and outside.


8 • Colored acorns   •   Collecting fallen acorns to mix into any autumn arrangement is a good idea, but kick the style meter up a notch by colorizing the acorns either with paint or chalk. A little messy and time-consuming, but worth the work for an understated way to get a little bit funky with fall decor. Bonus: The coloring process is a great way to occupy—I mean, involve—your children!

9   •   Soft goods  •   From stuffed plush turkeys to boiled wool pumpkins to fox-shaped throw pillows, fall-themed soft goods are found in a variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, and textures and can be used just about anywhere.

pumpkin tray

10   •   Burlap  •   This fabric is arguably the most fashionable of the farmhouse trend, which makes it pretty easy to find these days. Which is fortunate, because it’s also very autumnal by nature. A little burlap can go a long way, and here are just a few of the many, many ways to incorporate burlap into your home decor this season:

Table runner/placements. You could purchase an actual burlap table runner or cut out a swatch of burlap-look fabric to serve the same function for a fraction of the cost. You could do the same with placemats.

Add-on to vase or lamp shade. From a roll of wide burlap ribbon, cut a strip to fit snugly around the width of a vase or lamp shade. Fasten ribbon ends together with a straight pin or safety pin (running just through the ribbon). Turn ribbon so that the pinned ends are not visible. Caution: Be sure the lamp shape is not one that will get to hot and cause the ribbon to catch fire!

Pennant banner. Cut triangles then adhere to long string to make a banner.

› Chair backs. If chair design allows, attach a strip of wide burlap to the back of a kitchen or dining chair. This works well for upholstered dining chairs or for wood kitchen chairs with a wide horizontal bar across the back or for upholstered dining chairs. If burlap strip is not decorative enough, attach to it another seasonal element, such a fabric leaf, a pennant triangle, a small chalkboard, or just a burlap bow.


11   •   Twig tree  •   This idea can be as big or small, tall or wide, as you desire. Use a bud vase, one large vertical vase or several assorted vases, jars, or cups. It depends entirely on your preference—and maybe your patience—but most certainly on your access to sticks. For specific instructions, click here to read the “Making the Tree” section of our DIY Thanksgiving Tree post.

12   •   Box sign  •   Probably my favorite and perhaps the easiest of all fall decor ideas, a box sign expresses favorite seasonal sentiments, and all you have to do is just set it out somewhere.







some photos courtesy of Google Images, Pixabay, Pexels.

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