Let’s Talk About It • Fall Favorites

It took awhile this year, but fall is finally here. And we’ve got one or two things to say about it so…

Let’s talk about it!

Leigh Ann   »  A Welcome Reprieve

Is there anything lovelier than fall in the South? Bright yellow mums, cotton fields, and piles of pumpkins—all tied with a bow of crisp morning air. Oh, the sweet relief from summer’s heat!

This season is an exquisite reminder of the beauty and artistry of our Creator. He could have made every month the same—same temperatures, colors, and foliage. But God gave us infinite variety in His creation. What an amazing gift!

Hilary   »   Start Glowing

Fall is my favorite season, even if it doesn’t last long in this region of the country where the four seasons ought to be called hot, hotter, still hot, and winter.

But those few weeks between “still hot” and “winter” is a change of season that brings with it a sense of anticipation and even a little bit of magic that doesn’t quite happen at any other time of the year.

Autumn has a kind of je ne sais quoi that can’t quite be articulated but can certainly be experienced—the smell of a bonfire on a crisp October night; the crunch of leaves underfoot; the sweet tang of hot apple cider; the blaze of golds and crimsons in the treetops.

I suppose this impression of fall can be summed up best in a quote I ran across years ago and has stuck with me ever since:

Fall is the time of year when everything stops growing and starts glowing.


Marcy   »  Variety

My favorite thing about fall is the variety.

For a couple years my husband and I lived  on the coast of East Africa and the only seasons were rainy and dry, but being so close to the equator, both were warm. One of the things I missed during this time, was the variety of seasons in the Carolinas. In North Carolina we get to experience every form of weather in 365 days. And after the long summers, crisp fall air is usually a welcomed change.

Fall also offers a variety of colors as the leaves begin to change to warm burgundy, orange and yellow hues it fills the landscape with beautiful, different colors. Because I live in an area with lots of trees, visually fall is the most beautiful time of year.


Fall cover photo courtesy of Jo Childress

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

Please comment below to share with us!



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