A Fearless Reliance

A recent trip to the Grand Canyon made my heart trip in awe of our Creator God. As I sat with my husband overlooking our Lord’s magnificent handiwork, I felt…small. And I was reminded of how our greatest worries and concerns are incredibly tiny in His hands.

As moms, many of our concerns revolve around our children. But God calls us to release our precious ones to His providence and care. And to remember that His love for them is infinitely greater than our own.


Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,
which cannot be shaken but endures forever
• Psalm 125:1 •

Father, we pray for a spirit of trust in our children—for a fearless reliance on Your precepts. May their hearts roar with a depth of love and boldness as they stand on Your word. May they yearn for You. Seek You. Long to please You. May the glamour of this world appear simple and shallow. And may they reach for the life-filled abundance You promise. We love You, Father. We trust in Your timing and plans.


cover photo of the Grand Canyon by Leigh Ann Thomas




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