A little over a year ago, three moms met over coffee and shared dreams and ideas for providing Christ-centered inspiration and encouragement for parents seeking to honor God in their homes. We sought to touch on all aspects of home life, from parenting to decorating DIYs and recipes to devotions for moms of all life seasons.

In June of last year, In the Quiver made its hope-filled debut. Based on the biblical foundation of the quiver being our home, our mission statement read as follows:

Our aim with in the Quiver is to come alongside you,
our fellow friends and warriors in the faith,
to equip and encourage one another, fortifying our quivers
through devotions, practical parenting tips, and home ideas.

From our first trembling steps into the world of blogging, we wondered:

Would anyone read our work?

Could we possibly make a difference in an information-saturated society?

One year later, we praise God for His work in our lives. In the Quiver continues to learn and grow in ways we only dreamed, and we stand in awe of how He takes our feeble efforts and uses them for His glory.

What has God’s guidance, prayer, and a whole lot of work accomplished in the past year?

  • 104 articles read in 61 countries.
  • 19 wonderful guest writers joining us on the journey.
  • Myriad faithful readers encouraging us through comments onsite and on social media.
  • 3 moms, humbled and amazed at the privilege of walking this journey.

To you, our friends and warriors in the faith, we say thank you.

And may God continue to bless your Quiver.

Blessings and joy,

Marcy, Hilary & Leigh Ann



If you would like to share this graphic on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & other social media accounts, please include the tag #inthequiver (the English teacher in me is a real stickler for citing sources!).

Thanks so much!

unless otherwise noted * graphics/text © 2018 hilary hall


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