One Unchanging Thing: Reflections of a High School Grad { by Landri Stein • guest post }

As I get closer to graduating from high school and transitioning into a completely new and even quite strange environment called college, I am reminded of all the changes that have occurred throughout my life.

When I say changes, I am referring to the normal changes that most teenagers go through in their everyday lives: Going from elementary school where things all are colors and games, and our biggest worry is getting our apples moved down from the tree; then on to middle school where things get a little awkward, and we start worrying more about what others think of us and about our appearances.

Then finally high school where we experience more freedom, stressful college decisions, and friend changes, and we start to really see how many lost people there are because they are sitting right beside you in class.

Throughout all of these transitions, though, one thing has, and will, forever remain a constant in my life: God’s love for me even as a sinner.

Going through transitions in school taught me that everything around me will change and that the only thing I can rely on is God who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, as Hebrews 13:8 says.

I have learned that problems get bigger as you grow older, but God definitely uses that as a chance for us to make Him grow even bigger than any problem. God is the God of all our days; He never picks and chooses when he wants to love us or guide our paths. I’ve even thought of it as a blessing that I am about to head off to college because I know that I will have to rely on Him more than anything.

I am extremely thankful for the Word of God as another constant in my life. I have grown in my relationship with God not only from reading the Bible on my own but also from hearing the Word of God preached at church and from seeing the example of my church family who reflect a commitment to the Word of God.

This foundation will help me to discern between the Truth of God’s Word and the lies the the world throws around that at times may sound like truth.

So when I go off to college and out into the world, I am grateful to know that I can depend on the constants in my life: God and His Word.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

• Hebrews 13: 8 •


Landri Stein is about to graduate high school and head on to a four-year university. She really enjoys traveling to new places, reading, playing soccer and spending time at the beach with friends and family. Her favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:28-30.



Landri’s profile image captured and used with permission by Candace Wolfenbarger Photography


2 thoughts on “One Unchanging Thing: Reflections of a High School Grad { by Landri Stein • guest post }

  1. Landri, you are gifted with the wisdom of God. As one who is much older than you, I can tell you to cling to God and His Word. He will NEVER disappoint you. Thank you for sharing a wonderful perspective from your current season of life. May you know God’s prevailing comfort, guidance, and refuge as you embark on your new chapter!


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