Pass the Comfort, Please

Until she died at age 92, my cousin Betty’s words of welcome were always the same.

“Now, you know I don’t cook, but there’re plenty of beds, so plan to stay here.”

For breakfast, Betty served coffee with toast. Guests were welcome to cook eggs or make sandwiches, but each evening, our hostess treated us to fresh seafood at a local restaurant.

Soft pillows, fluffy towels, and hearty laughter at family stories enhanced Betty’s relaxed style of entertaining and wrapped us in a warm, put-your-feet-up sense of home.

In a word, comfort.

Whether at home or away, this dear cousin was the comfort center of our clan. Her embrace calmed my grieving heart when my mom died, and her words cheered my accomplishments.

A mental snapshot of Betty bear-hugging her guests kindles heart-warmth like few others. Do similar memories soothe your soul?

In a world teeming with fear, unrest, and sin, people around us yearn for comfort. How can we share this valuable heart balm with others?

Three doors will show us the way.

Opening the door of our hearts to God is the key to blessing those around us. We simply can’t give what we don’t have. However, the work of Christ in us promises His authentic and eternal comfort.

How can we intentionally open this portal? Listening to God through prayer and Bible study matures us spiritually and equips us to meet needs in His strength. He fills our heart so that we can share His gifts.

The second door?

Opening the door of our homes to others knits hearts together in a cozy nest. The aroma of food cooking excites olfactory senses, but five-course dinners served on fine china are not required. Whew! Cookouts or coffee-and-cake chats are delightful!

Physical signs of welcome, such as pineapple motifs or cheery door mats, add visual appeal, but God’s love, care, and acceptance tucked into the hearts of guests are long-lasting.

And now . . . door number 3.

Opening the door of opportunity, after seeking God’s guidance, reveals the glittering jewels He sprinkles on our path. Those jewels of opportunity may be encapsulated in hard work, but crossing the threshold set before us can result in comfort for someone else.

Is there an elderly neighbor who would cherish a visit or a friend seeking the comfort of Jesus and assurance of eternal life? Is God tugging at your heart about a ministry door you’re reluctant to open?  

The door of our heart, the door of our home, or the door of opportunity—which one will we open this week? Behind all three, treasures await us!

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort,
who comforts us in all our troubles,
so that we can comfort those in any trouble
with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

• 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 •

We’d love to hear what makes you successful with opening these doors!


Headshot JWatersMeeting people and encouraging them in the Lord fills Jeannie Waters‘ heart with joy! She is a wife, mom, and grandmother who adores family gatherings, nature walks, and the Georgia Bulldogs. A retired teacher, she currently teaches English as a Second Language part-time at a local college.

Jeannie is a regular contributor to Refresh Bible Study Magazine and has contributed to the following compilations: Let the Earth Rejoice (Worthy Inspired), Breaking the Chains (Lighthouse Bible Studies), and Just Breathe (Worthy).




14 thoughts on “Pass the Comfort, Please

  1. Jeannie,

    Yes! What a lovely metaphor–the “doors” we can choose (or not) to open, and that incredible treasure that awaits. Your thoughts here are encouraging, and a gentle push to do those simple things that bring blessing to others (and in turn, to ourselves). Love this!


  2. I really like the references to the importance of open doors at home. Nowadays people are hesitant to open their doors to strangers. So it’s important to make sure new neighbors know who you are with small gifts and notes of kindness, and then invite them into your home. What a wonderful way to show God’s love! I really enjoyed reading and thinking about “Pass the Comfort, Please.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jan, I’m thankful the post blessed you as your comments blessed me! This website is a great one to share with other women. The publishers include a variety of wonderful topics!


  3. Jeannie, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful article. How great to see you are writing along with the many other wonderful things you do. This line in your article is especially encouraging.
    “Listening to God through prayer and Bible study matures us spiritually and equips us to meet needs in His strength.”
    What a great reminder that God Himself will equip us to accomplish what seems impossible when we do our part with Him.


  4. Jeannie, your post made me feel right at home. We should all have a Cousin Betty in our lives! She certainly left a legacy of warmth and authenticity. I think this statement touched my heart most, “Physical signs of welcome, such as pineapple motifs or cheery door mats, add visual appeal, but God’s love, care, and acceptance tucked into the hearts of guests are long-lasting.” True. So true. Thank you for sharing a beautiful perspective of doors.


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