Will We Say Yes? { by Melissa Sauls • guest post }

In the book of Esther, God had placed Esther in the palace for “such a time as this” to orchestrate God’s plan to deliver his people. Esther had the choice to let God use her to speak up for her people or to stay silent. Speaking up could have cost Esther her life, but if she had said no, God would have accomplished his purpose through someone else.

I think back in my life and wonder…

How many times did God use someone else?

How many times did I miss opportunities that God had planned for “such a time as this” in my life?

How many times did I say no?

Did the times I said yes really impact anyone?

Just as Esther did when she saved her people by going before the king uninvited, we can let God use us to do something powerful and life-changing.

Esther was able to see the results of saying yes to God when her people were saved, but she probably never would have imagined that centuries later God would still be using her story to impact others.

Just as God used Esther, He uses us to carry out His plans. Sometimes we see the results of saying yes to God, and other times our yes will impact others in ways that we will never know.

God still uses everyday people like you and me for his divine purposes.

For God is working in you,
giving you the desire and the power
to do what pleases him.
• Philippians 2:13 •

Will we say yes?


Melissa is a wife of a pastor, mother of two wonderful kids, and a Kids Ministry Leader. She enjoys spending time with her family and using her gifts to help equip and train leaders to do great things for the kingdom of God.



2 thoughts on “Will We Say Yes? { by Melissa Sauls • guest post }

  1. May our “Yes” pay it forward for those who come after us. I certainly hope to leave a legacy of saying yes to our Savior. Thank you for your encouraging words, Melissa.

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