Dressed for Success { by Helen Lynn • Guest Post }

“But the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself”
• Judges 6:34a AMP •

Why can’t I decide what to wear?

My closet is full of clothes!

Do you ever search for just the right thing to put on? We are a clothes-conscious people.

The last thing on Gideon’s mind was clothes while he threshed wheat, hidden in a winepress.

“Midian so impoverished the Israelites that they cried out to the LORD for help.”
• Judges 6:7 NIV • 

When the Angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said, “The LORD is with you, mighty warrior.” (Judges 6:1, NIV)

Dressed to thresh, yes; dressed for war, not so much. 

“’But Sir,’ Gideon replied…” And there we have it, don’t we? God speaks and we hedge. Gideon surely had a right to be afraid: God chose him to not only change his clothes but his life. Gideon, the Lord’s mighty warrior/wheat thresher, felt insufficient. And the odds did fall far from even (See Judges 6-8).

But when the Spirit of the Lord clothed Gideon with Himself, the man’s flesh and bones coordinated perfectly with the all-sufficiency of God.

In this case, clothes did make the man.

Lord, I want to be adequately clothed for my assignment.
Doing battle with the enemy requires proper attire (See Ephesians 6).
Help me to yield to Your Spirit’s adornment
as I would comfortably slip into my good black dress
that never goes out of style.


Helen Lynn is a ministry wife, mother, grandmother, and dog lover. Read more of her devotions on her personal blog, Heart Thoughts from Helen @ helen7073.wixsite.com/mysite.
Helen has been published in Evangel MagazineFamily Life Today Magazine, and her local newspaper. She wrote a monthly column in her church newsletter from 1985 to 1999.




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